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Delta Mutual Begins Drilling in Guemes

June 7, 2010
Company receives results for boron contents in Guayatayoc.

Delta Mutual, Inc. has announced its recent acquisition of control (51% ownership) of 147,000 hectares in Guayatayoc North in Jujuy Province (located in Northwest Argentina near the Bolivian border), which contains proven lithium deposits as well as boron deposits (currently being explored). During this exploration, borate (B2O3) samples were taken. Salta Geology University analyzed these samples and the results came back as follows: .022 gr/lt of B2O3 in the Casabindo River and .025 gr/lt of B2O3 in the Doncella River.

The anomalistic levels of boron shown in the samples taken, in addition to the existence of high salt levels at a depth from 300 to 800 m (shown by a 2-D seismic report conducted in the area) conclude the presence of the Sijes Fm in the property. The Sijes Fm is one of the principal targets for borates exploration because of its association with ancient salt deposits during the Miocene period and its unusually high yield of B-K-Li (boron-potassium-lithium) combination.

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