Ceramic Industry

Devcon: OEM Adhesives Brochure

February 26, 2003
A new brochure presents Devcon's full line of adhesives for original equipment manufacturers. The brochure describes Devcon adhesives for OEM bonding and assembly, including high-strength epoxies; advanced methacrylates for bonding engineered plastics, composites and exotic metals; Zip Grip(R) instant cyanoacrylates; Syon(R) potting compounds, encapsulants and adhesive solders; and SUPERLOCK(R) chemical-resistant anaerobic threadlockers. Product specifications such as working time, viscosity, service temperature and shear strength are included for each product, and a full-page Adhesive Selector Guide helps readers find the best adhesives for a given substrate.

For a free copy of the brochure or additional information, call (800) 933-8266 or (978) 777-1100, fax (978) 774-0516, or visit http://www.devcon.com .