Ceramic Industry

DeVilbiss: Air Filtering Units

September 26, 2005
DeVilbiss' CleanAir™ quality air filtering units help avoid costly pinholes, blushing, fisheyes and dulling by filtering out water and oil aerosols, as well as dirt particulates. In addition, these air filtering units and regulators prevent contaminant buildup that can reduce the performance and useful life of pneumatic tools. The CleanAir product line features three types of filtering units. Centrifugal filter-regulator units, which filter out water and oil aerosols, as well as dirt particulates, down to 5 microns, supply cleaner, drier air to each spray gun in a system. Coalescer filter-regulator units, which remove water, dirt and oil from the system down to .01 micron, are ideal for most spray applications, especially where oil aerosols may be a problem. The ultimate in clean, dry air, the three-stage dessicant unit offers particulate removal to 5 microns and .01 micron, and water vapor filtering to a dew point of -40°F.

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