Ceramic Industry

DeVilbiss: CleanAir Product Line

November 10, 2004
The DeVilbiss CleanAir(TM) product line offers air filtering units and regulators that extend the life of pneumatic tools by filtering out water, oil aerosols and dirt particulates from air lines. In addition to saving customers money by avoiding the pinholes, blushing, fisheyes and dulling associated with costly rework, the DeVilbiss air filtering units and regulators prevent contaminant buildup that can affect the performance and the useful life of the associated pneumatic tools. Three types of filtering units are available, and the company also offers a companion accessory, the Whirlwind(TM) disposable in-line filter. This filter attaches to the base of the spray gun or air tool to remove any remaining water, oil, dirt and rust from the air line.

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