Ceramic Industry

DeVilbiss: Manual Spray Gun

February 13, 2007

DeVilbiss recently announced a new family of manual spray guns using advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to enhance the atomization process and provide a superior finish with one of the highest transfer efficiency rates available today. The spray guns are built for ergonomic comfort, energy savings and superior transfer efficiencies. “Our design engineers used the latest CFD technology to model the passageways and air caps in the new Compact Spray Guns to reduce turbulence and enhance the atomization process,” said Chuck Scott, industrial marketing manager. “The smooth transition from the Compact’s air cap and fluid nozzle system to the finishing surface produces superior results with the highest transfer efficiency rates. The spray guns were also all designed for operator comfort and with a focus on environmental responsibility.”

For additional information, call (800) 992-4657 or visit www.devilbiss.com.