Ceramic Industry

Diamondback Technologies: Analyzing Flow Properties

August 1, 2001
Diamondback Technologies test center helps companies solve solids flow problems by analyzing bulk material flow properties. The company, an off-shoot of JR Johanson Inc., receives bulk solids from around the world, tests them and uses test results to provide parameters for equipment design and modification. Using state-of-the-art equipment, the company's lab technicians measure segregation potential, cohesion, friction and adhesion, compressibility, degradation, permeability and dustiness. The lab can also duplicate humidity, temperature and time conditions from sub-freezing to 2000F, as well as measure compaction pressures up to 6000 psf. The company interprets the test results in a written report, complete with all data, and provides recommendations for correcting flow or processing problems.

For additional information, call (805) 544-3775, fax (805) 549-8282 or e-mail info@jrjohanson.com.