Ceramic Industry

DOE Solicits Inventions & Innovations Applications

January 24, 2002
The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Golden Field Office (GO) is seeking applications for its 2002 Inventions & Innovations (I&I) Program, which funds energy-saving technologies in both the conceptual (category 1) and developmental (category 2) stages.

The I&I Program provides financial and technical assistance to encourage the development and commercialization of energy-saving inventions. Projects that reduce energy consumption and have future commercial markets may be eligible for financial and technical support through this competitive solicitation process. Additionally, DOE will provide awardees with non-financial support by assisting them with business development and commercialization planning through a network of national and regional resource providers.

I&I grants range up to $40,000 for category 1 and up to $200,000 for category 2. Each award may cover a project period of up to one year for category 1 and up to two years for category 2. The total funding available for the awards is expected to be $2,160,000.

DOE anticipates awarding 10-15 grants. Category 1 applications must be new and innovative technologies designed to be used in melting glass. Proposed technologies should have the probability of substantially reducing energy requirements and capital costs per unit of glass, while maintaining glass quality and producing equal or lower emissions compared to traditional methods. Applicants are strongly encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge of prior industrial attempts in these areas and indicate the basis for their suggested improvement in current glass melting practices.

Category 2 applications of most interest will be those that show significant energy savings and large market penetration within one industry sector or broad application across all IOF industries, including Agriculture, Aluminum, Chemicals, Forest Products, Glass, Metal-casting, Mining, Petroleum, and Steel. To be considered for a category 2 award, a bench-scale model and/or other preliminary investigations must be completed, specifically related to the Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT) Industries of the Future (IOF) or the overall Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) transportation, buildings or power missions.

All solicitations must be received by March 4, 2002. For more information, contact Margo Gorin, fax (303) 275-4737, e-mail margo_gorin@nrel.gov or visit http://e-center.doe.gov/.