Ceramic Industry

Duncan: "Solutions" Packages

August 8, 2005
Duncan Enterprises' "solutions" packages provide customers with two complete ceramics packages that include Duncan Concepts® Underglaze for Bisque and Majolica to decorate, Duncan French Dimensions™ to accent, and a choice of clear dipping glazes to seal and beautify. Solution #1, the lead-free package, features Duncan Concepts Clear Dipping Glaze, while solution #2, the food-safe package, features Duncan Diamond Clear Dipping Glaze. "Solutions glaze packages provide customers with a complete ceramics program," said Dean Saether, senior product manager - Ceramics Arts. "Individually, the products have a market leading reputation; now the unified program reminds customers that Duncan is the one-stop shop for ceramics products."

For more information, visit http://www.duncanceramics.com.