Ceramic Industry

Durr Environmental, Inc.: VOC Abatement Service Program

December 5, 2001
A new eight-page, color brochure outlines Durr Environmental, Inc.'s TOTAL Solution(TM), a comprehensive VOC abatement service program that transfers all compliance responsibility to Durr, allowing customers to focus on core manufacturing. Durr has the infrastructure and manpower to offer more than VOC systems. The company extends full integration capabilities with customer operations, forming a strategic alliance. As a strategic partner, Durr is responsible for all aspects of your VOC abatement system -- and is paid only through savings. The more efficiently your abatement system is running, the greater benefit your facility and Durr realize. When a review indicates the TOTAL Solution is not the perfect fit, Durr offers alternative solutions, including performance contracts or extended service contracts, to meet individual applications.

For more information, call (248) 668-5200, fax (248) 926-6570, e-mail sales@de.durr-usa.com or visit http://www.durrenvironmental.com.