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Durr Environmental: Standard Products Brochure

December 11, 2001
Durr Environmental has published a 16-page brochure that features its standard products for VOC, HAP and odor control. The company's standard products are families of pre-engineered exhaust air treatment system modules. Standard products provide a flexible choice of solutions for treating organics, particulates, acid gases and malodorous emissions. Each family of standard products is designed to process pollutants within a range of scfm, with the entire line of standard products ranging from 1000 to 60,000 scfm. The literature details the company's oxidizer technology, RL(TM) rotary RTO, HTO(R) horizontal RTO, TAR(TM) recuperative oxidizer, MICRO Oxidizer(TM) line, concentrator technology, DISC(TM) concentrator system and fixed bed concentrator system.

For more information, call (248) 668-5200, fax (248) 926-6570, e-mail sales@de.durr-usa.com or visit http://www.durrenvironmental.com.