Ceramic Industry

DVD Review- Ceramics Handbuilding: Slab Construction

April 14, 2010

This video is an excellent introduction to the handbuilding process of pottery making. Mollie Favour’s simple, yet concise directions are easy enough for the beginning potter to start creating right away. Using simple tools-many direct from the kitchen-Favour instructs viewers in the production of several complete projects.

Favour demonstrates three very practical processes: throwing out a slab, combining coils and slabs, and spiral wedging. These basic actions equip new artists with the information they need to tackle the practical and inspiring handmade projects in the video. The projects include: a box with lid, a casserole, a vase, a bowl, a hanging basket and a tryptic. Basic materials, such as slip and glaze, are explained.

As a potter and pottery instructor, I give this video my highest recommendation. My students were inspired and I was pleased to see the studio filled with beautiful work as a result of screening this DVD.

Title: Ceramics Handbuilding: Slab Construction
Length: 27 min.
Price: $29.95

For more information, visit www.crystalproductions.com.