Ceramic Industry

Dyson Announces Agreement with Beijing Trend (8/15/06)

August 15, 2006
Dyson Thermal Technologies has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with China's Beijing Trend Industrial Ceramics Co. Ltd. Dyson Thermal Technologies-Kiln Furniture is now the sole distributor for Beijing Trend products in Europe, Africa (excluding RSA) and all countries in the Americas (except Canada).

"Dyson's global supply chain, combined with industry-leading delivery times and in partnership with Trend's competitive cost base, will provide our customers with the highest levels of service and increased cost competitiveness," said Mark Stuckey, Dyson Thermal Technologies' executive manager. "This agreement provides a perfect fit with the company's overall goals, very much aimed at continuous innovation and product development while remaining a recognized one-stop shop for all kiln furniture requirements around the world."

For additional details, call (44) 01782-711511, fax (44) 01782-717078, e-mail kfenq@dysontt.com or visit www.dysontt.com.