Ceramic Industry

Dyson Hotwork: Kiln Car Peripheral Block System

January 3, 2002
Dyson Hotwork, a division of Dyson Group plc, has developed "n block," an innovative ultra-lightweight kiln car peripheral block system. In conjunction with DFC Thermal Ceramics, n blocks manufactured in a new "body" and through a new process have been successfully tested and are now in operation in sanitaryware and tableware kiln cars, both tunnel and intermittent operation. N blocks exhibit both good mechanical strength and excellent resistance to thermal shock, with test blocks showing no signs of deterioration on repeated cycling to 1200C with a cold to cold time of < 3.5 hrs. N block systems can be designed for most kiln car types and, when used in conjunction with low thermal mass kiln furniture, can result in a reduction in overall car weight by up to 65%, depending on the original structure type.

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