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Eclipse Announces Product Safety Warning (posted 11/21/07)

November 21, 2007
Eclipse has found that some Veri-Flame electronic controls may allow continued gas flow even in the absence of flame.

The Eclipse Veri-Flame® is an electronic control used on gas-fired heating equipment that can be used in a variety of manufacturing processes. Eclipse has found that some Veri-Flames may allow continued gas flow even in the absence of flame. While only a few occurrences have been reported, this situation could pose a significant hazard to personnel and equipment.

It is imperative that owners of equipment using the Eclipse Veri-Flame inspect and test their units in accordance with the Eclipse Veri-Flame flame monitoring control test procedure. Sites that have the Veri-Flame installed should contact Eclipse for instructions to determine if they have affected product. Eclipse expects to announce a long-term solution to this issue. In the interim, inspection and testing are the best protection.

Eclipse regrets any inconvenience these actions may create and values the safety of employees and the reliability of equipment. It is urgent that affected sites take immediate action.

Eclipse can be reached at (815) 637-7384 or advisory@eclipsenet.com. Copies and updates on this topic can be found at www.eclipsenet.com/advisory.