Ceramic Industry

Eclipse Combustion Tec: New PrimeFire 400 Burner

May 20, 2003
The PrimeFire 400 burner represents an evolution in Eclipse Combustion Tec burner design. Built upon the industry proven oxy fuel flat flame burner, the PrimeFire 400 is designed to significantly reduce fuel consumption and NOx emissions over comparable burners while fitting into existing control schemes. The PrimeFire 400 burner achieves these improved results by using a form of gas pre-heating. By injecting a small amount of oxygen into the gas stream prior to the main combustion process, the gas will actually begin to "crack," releasing greater amounts of carbon. This carbon, which is consumed in the main combustion process, increases the luminosity of the flame. Since luminosity has a tremendous impact on heat transfer, the burner considerably improves heat transfer and fuel efficiency. While luminosity and heat transfer are enhanced in the PrimeFire 400, NOx production decreases due to the effect the carbon has on the flame temperature. Since the gas is being cracked out in two distinct areas of combustion, the overall flame temperature decreases, which noticeably reduces thermal NOx.

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