Ceramic Industry

Eclipse Inc.: Air Heating Burner

June 30, 2003

Eclipse Inc. recently added a new model to its line of air heating burners. The new RatioAir is a velocity burner with an integral packaged blower that is available in four different models, with capacities ranging from 1 to 5 MM BTU/hr. Eclipse offers a choice of standard-, medium- and high-velocity combustion tubes and block and holder options. These options enable RatioAir burners to produce an intense steam of hot gases that thoroughly penetrates the load and delivers precise temperature uniformity for consistent product quality and system efficiency. In addition, the unit's ratio regulator automatically compensates for changes in operating conditions and ensures ratio-controlled operation over a turndown range of more than 50:1. A direct drive air butterfly eliminates linkages that can slip or jam during operation.

For more information, call (815) 877-3031, fax (815) 877-2656 or visit http://www.eclipsenet.com .