Ceramic Industry

EDAX Awarded Patent For ChI-Scan Technology

January 5, 2005
EDAX, Inc. has received a patent for its ChI-Scan software technology, the company's chemical indexing software package that is an integral part of its Pegasus microanalysis system. In the latest release of software for the Pegasus platform, the ChI-Scan technology has been coupled with phase cluster analysis (PCA) to automate the ChI-Scan filtering process, reducing the amount of operator expertise needed, as well as the time required in defining the chemical filter. "The Pegasus system combines elemental analysis via energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and crystallographic analysis via automated electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) in the scanning electron microscope (SEM)," said Stuart Wright, Ph.D., EDAX-TSL scientist. "The newly patented technology provides a dramatic improvement over stand-alone orientation imaging microscopy (OIMTM) systems for differentiating between phases. The ChI-Scan technology is particularly helpful for reliably differentiating between phases that are similar crystallographically but differ in chemical composition."

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