Ceramic Industry

EDAX, Inc.: Enhanced Microanalysis Software

June 30, 2003

EDAX, Inc. recently announced the availability of the next generation of its GENESIS EDS microanalysis software. "The new version of GENESIS 3.5 software, which includes many features and enhancements, supports our digital pulse processing (DPP II) hardware," said Del Redfern, Micro Characterization Tools product manager. "Our GENESIS program is the industry's leading microanalysis software. Many of the new features and enhancements of existing features result from the positive feedback we received from current GENESIS users."

For more information, call (201) 529-6184, fax (201) 529-3156, e-mail edax.info-americas@ametek.com or edax.info-international@ametek.com , or visit http://www.edax.com .