Ceramic Industry

EFP's Gerhardinger Earns 8th U.S. Patent

July 7, 2005

Engineered Glass Products (EGP) recently announced its latest patent: a vacuum insulated quartz glass heater assembly provided for heating fluids and solids. Pete Gerhardinger, VP of technology at EGP, and his engineering team created the assembly to improve the safety, reliability and costs of combining glass and technology. According to the U.S. Patent Office, patent #6,868,230 is an assembly that includes an inner quartz glass tube with a low-emissivity conductive coating that produces heat when connected to external power. The inner member is attached to end caps that are attached to ends of an outer glass tube, thus positioning the inner member within the outer tube. With a vacuum drawn within the space between the two tubes, the resulting heat radiates toward the center of the inner member, providing a thermos bottle type of construction. The fluid can be heated as it passes through the inner tube. If the inner member is not completely coated, then heat would radiate toward the center of the inner member, pass through its uncoated portion, and then pass through the outer tube, where objects can be heated.

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