Ceramic Industry

Eliane Receives Awards for Environmental Management Programs (3/6/07)

March 6, 2007

Eliane Ceramic Tiles recently received three awards for environmental protection programs at its manufacturing plants in Brazil. In recognition of outstanding initiatives in environmental protection, Eliane received the Fritz Muller award, which is granted annually by the Santa Catarina state environmental protection agency (FATMA). The Ecology award, granted by publishing company Editora Expressao, was awarded in recognition of the recycling material program for private companies. Finally, the Sustainable Development award was granted by the Brazilian National Manufacturers’ Association.

Eliane has created a set of goals and objectives to reduce and prevent hazards, recycle processed materials, and reduce the extraction of raw materials from nature by identifying every aspect that can damage the environment during the manufacturing of ceramic and porcelain tile. For additional information, call (972) 481-7854, fax (972) 481-7855, e-mail info@elianeusa.com or visit www.elianeusa.com.