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Engineered Pressure Systems, Inc.: Furnace Upgrade for HIP Systems

November 20, 2002
Engineered Pressure Systems, Inc. (EPSI) can increase the reliability and productivity of older hot isostatic press (HIP) systems with a furnace upgrade. By replacing the furnace heat shield assembly in outdated HIPs, EPSI can help companies extend the lives of their existing production units. With a modern plug-in design and new power feedthrough, the new furnace offers better temperature control, reduced downtime and improved energy efficiency. The furnace's plug-in design is easy to maintain, eliminates loading problems and reduces the risk of damage to the equipment. EPSI furnaces can be fitted for enhanced cooling to suit specific application needs in most instances. Additionally, EPSI can retrofit its furnace heat shield assembly into any existing HIP vessel, including those manufactured by other HIP manufacturers.

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