Ceramic Industry

Eriez Magnetics: Conveyor Systems

January 22, 2002
Eriez Magnetic's E-Z Tec(R) conveyor systems are designed to ensure optimal performance of the system's integral metal detection equipment. Improperly installing detectors or placing a metal detector on a poorly constructed conveyor will cause an end-user to experience false detections and reduced sensitivities. Each system includes an E-Z Tec metal detector, controls, a conveyor with a continuously welded stainless steel frame, and articulated feet or casters. Eriez's custom designed metal detection conveyor systems are capable of detecting unwanted ferrous and non-ferrous material, and can be equipped with a variety of automatic reject devices. The majority of the units are furnished with Intralox(R) or vulcanized PVC belts, and other belts are available upon request. The conveyors can be used to move bulk or packaged material in a horizontal, inclined or curved direction.

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