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FCT And TOTO To Collaorate On SOFC System Development

January 19, 2005
Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd. (FCT) and TOTO Ltd. have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding the design, development and manufacture of a 2-3kW solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system. Under the terms of the MOU, FCT will design and build a small SOFC system for residential markets using tubular cell stacks supplied by TOTO. The MOU between the companies allows for further expansion of FCT products into new introductory markets. It also provides for the supply to FCT of small-size SOFC tubes well suited to power products in the 2kW size range, and is a step in FCT's SOFC product diversification strategy.

For more information, contact FCT at (613) 541-6109, fax (613) 544-2649 or e-mail Vvarma@fct.ca. TOTO can be reached at (650) 403-8000, fax (650) 403-0133 or e-mail tijima@totousa.com.