Ceramic Industry

Feicon ’99 Boosts Brazilian Construction Industry

July 21, 2000
The 7th FEICON—International Construction Industry Trade Fair held in São Paulo, Brazil—attracted about 150,000 visitors and 550 exhibitors. Exhibitors displayed products ranging from ceramic facings, flooring and glazed tiles to paint and other construction materials.

One Brazilian company, Eliane Revestimentos CerĂ¢micos, hoped to boost sales by US$4.8 million for the domestic market and $830,000 in exports by launching several new products at the event. The company produces 40 million square meters of ceramic tile annually. It sold $235 million worth of product in 1998, $34 million of which was generated from exports.

CerĂ¢mica Portobello, another Brazilian ceramic manufacturer, generated more than $1.4 million in sales and export orders during FEICON ’99. Its stand of 450 square meters received more than 1,000 visitors daily. “One of the big launches was Lapatura, which simulates the natural wear of materials,” said Edson Moritz, marketing director. Portobello also obtained good results with foreign buyers. “We closed sales with the Mercosur partners and other very demanding countries, such as Mexico, Israel, the United Kingdom, Germany and Hong Kong,” said Rodolfo Jacobsen, export manager. “To Hong Kong,” he added, “a market which acts as a gateway to Chinese clients, we sold US$45,000 of value-added products.”

Over 250 companies are already signed up to exhibit at FEICON2000, to be held April 11-15, 2000, in São Paulo, Brazil. For more information about the trade fair, call (55) 11-575-1233, or e-mail ppagina@aol.com.br.