Ceramic Industry

Ferro And TherMark Reach Accord On Laser Marking Technology

October 22, 2004
Ferro Corp. and TherMark L.L.C. have settled a dispute over patented laser marking technology and have established a license agreement allowing both parties to practice and promote laser marking technology under the applicable patents. Several years ago, both Ferro and TherMark developed materials that enhance or enable lasers to make permanent, higher-contrast marks on a variety of surfaces with different lasers. The agreement gives both firms the ability to market each other's products and processes without concern about infringing their patents. Ferro will be the sole and exclusive supplier of TherMark marking materials to worldwide markets, except for certain limited preexisting licensing agreements that TherMark has in place. Ther-Mark will be an authorized distributor of Ferro's marking materials.

For additional information, call (724) 229-9740, or visit http://www.ferro.comor http://www.thermark.com.