Ceramic Industry

Ferro Corp.: Metallic-Alternative Coatings

February 20, 2007

A new alternative to metallic kitchen finishes, Evolution™ coatings from Ferro Corp. offer performance that maintains beauty and builds long-term brand popularity. Unlike stainless steel, Evolution does not show noticeable fingerprints, does not discolor from heat, and is resistant to stains, scratching and chemical cleaners. In addition to providing a long-lasting, easy-care finish, Evolution offers a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel and copper for manufacturers facing escalating metal prices. Product differentiation is enhanced with Evolution’s wide range of custom metallic color possibilities. Ideal for refrigerators, ranges, cooktops, sinks and plumbing ware, Evolution coatings can also be used to create matching or contrasting cabinetry with the same lustrous, durable finishes.

Additional information is available at www.ferro.com.