Ceramic Industry

FieldServer Technologies: New Gateway

September 24, 2003
FieldServer Technologies, a Sierra Monitor company, recently announced the availability of the new TIWAY driver for its series of protocol converters and gateways. The TIWAY driver enables devices using TIWAY 1 protocol to interface with other devices and networks in the plant that might be using other drives such as DH+, Profibus, Modbus, ControlNet or more. Devices using the TIWAY protocol include the SIMATIC series PLCs from Siemens. With the TIWAY driver and the FieldServer gateway, such PLCs no longer have to be independent devices, but can be part of the plant network. This communication is fast and complete; any information available through the communications port can be translated into the alternative protocol.

For more information, call (408) 262-2299, ext. 119, or e-mail sferree@fieldserver.com .