Ceramic Industry

FKI Logistex: 24-Volt Accuzone Conveyor

January 13, 2005
FKI Logistex(R) recently announced the incorporation of several design updates to its Accuzone(R) 24-volt motorized roller accumulation and transportation conveyor. The fully modular, plug-and-play Accuzone offers true zero-pressure, zero-contact accumulation and is available in straight, curve, merge, divert, belted and right-angle transfer modules. The standard control system is now a stand-alone and programmable DeviceNet(TM) networked controller. The DeviceNet control system enables completely modular wiring and eliminates more than 20 electrical connections per 10-ft Accuzone section, allowing faster and easier assembly, troubleshooting, and interfacing with other equipment. The preexisting low-cost zone control wiring option will continue to be available for straight and curve modules.

For more information, call (513) 881-5106, e-mail john.kuhn@fkilogistex.com or visit http://www.fkilogistex.com.