Ceramic Industry

Flexicon Corp.: Dust-Free Bulk Bag Discharger

April 30, 2002
Flexicon Corp. recently announced the availability of its new bulk bag discharger for in-line operation with pneumatic conveyor systems. The discharger eliminates dust during untying, discharging, collapsing, retying and removing bulk bags, while increasing safety and promoting complete discharge of bag contents. The design features a new bag-to-conveyor interface comprised of two sections. The upper section contains a manual Spout-Lock(TM) clamp ring positioned atop a pneumatically actuated Tele-Tube(TM) telescoping tube. This allows dust-tight connections between the bag spout and hopper, as well as automatic tensioning of the bag as it empties to promote flow and evacuation. The lower section is comprised of a small surge hopper that directs material into the throat of a variable speed rotary air lock feeder for volumetric or gravimetric metering into positive- or negative-pressure pneumatic conveyor lines.

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