Ceramic Industry

Florida Tile to Invest in New Production Line (7/5/06)

July 5, 2006
Florida Tile, Inc. plans to make a major investment in a state-of-the-art porcelain tile production line at its Lawrenceburg, Ky., facility. When completed, the new line will produce approximately 40 million square feet of porcelain tile annually. The total investment will be close to $20 million, and the overall project will take two years to complete. The first phase of construction is scheduled to begin later this year, and first production is expected to be available in May 2007. "This project is part of our overall long-term plan to upgrade and modernize our company's product offering, improve service and reduce response time to our customers," said Buck Burwell, CEO. "Our clay tile plant in Shannon, Ga., will continue to produce floor tile and trim for about a year, but will gradually be phased down as the porcelain production in Kentucky becomes available. We will continue to service our product lines through their normal life cycle. Our best selling clay products will be either outsourced or converted to porcelain."

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