Ceramic Industry

Fluid Dynamics: New Rheometer

July 30, 2003
Fluid Dynamics, Inc. recently announced the release of the T2SR(TM), its first dynamic rheometer designed for quality control and R&D applications. "The T2SR is the first affordable rheometer priced under $20,000 that provides true dynamic mechanical data," said Rhyta Rounds, Ph.D., director of technology. "It is an ideal instrument for many R&D and quality assurance applications when viscosity data isn't enough." The T2SR is a versatile, portable and robust instrument designed to study the properties of reactive polymer systems, such as epoxy resins, rubbers, ceramics, cements, adhesives, powder coatings and gels. The unit comes complete with easy-to-use software, and has no special power or air requirements.

For more information, call (908) 237-0881, fax (908) 237-0884, e-mail info@T2SR.us or visit http://www.T2SR.us or http://www.FluidDynamics.com .