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Fluke Corp.: General Purpose Catalog

May 8, 2001
Fluke Corp. has introduced a new catalog that brings together the combined lines of Fluke and Wavetek-Datron general purpose test products in one unified source. Fluke acquired Wavetek-Datron last year.

"With both Fluke and Wavetek-Datron products now presented together in one catalog, it is even easier for our customers to compare products and make the best selection for their uses, gaining the right solutions for the most demanding applications," said Dave Postetter, marketing manager.

The catalog contains a comprehensive selection of benchtop programmable function, pulse/function and universal/arbitrary wafeform generators; counters and frequency standards; portable, networked and wireless data acquisition systems; and a variety of plug-and-play VXI products.

For more information, call (888) 492-7554, fax (425) 446-5116, e-mail fluke-info@fluke.com or visit http://www.calibration.fluke.com.