Ceramic Industry

FMC Lithium and Altair Nanotechnologies Announce Agreement

November 28, 2001
FMC Lithium and Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. executed a letter of interest concerning the development and marketing of nano-lithium titanate spinel related metal oxides and associated proprietary technologies for the energy storage industry. The companies intend to establish a relationship to enable the joint development of advanced metal oxides using Altair's proprietary nanoparticles technology and FMC Lithium's technological expertise within the primary and secondary battery markets. It is expected that FMC Lithium will lead the collaboration in the commercialization, marketing and sales of the nano-lithium titanate spinel via its global distribution network and customer partnerships.

For more information, visit http://www.fmclithium.com or http://www.altairnanotechnologies.com.