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Fräbel Studio Commissioned for G20 Gifts

September 30, 2009
"Glass Tree" by Hans Fräbel

Fräbel Glass Art Studio recently announced that President Obama commissioned 34 “Glass Tree” sculptures created by flamework glass artist Hans Godo Fräbel. The glass sculptures were presented to world leaders at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, Pa.

“I am honored that President Obama has selected my art for his gift presentation,” said Fräbel. “The symbolism of ‘Glass Tree’ mirrors so well the overarching tone and objective of the G20 Summit.”

In describing the art gift, Fräbel commented that all of the Tree’s leaves point upward, symbolizing success and cooperation. The Tree’s pinnacle shape symbolizes unity and movement toward a common goal. Trees are a symbol of strength, wisdom and endurance, while glass, a beautiful yet fragile material, symbolizes the fragility of freedom, liberty and our environment.

President Obama encountered Fräbel's glass sculptures at the Fräbel Botanical Exhibition currently on display at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh. Fräbel was invited as a special guest at the G20 Summit opening event on September 24.

For more information, call (404) 510-0329, fax (404) 351-1491, e-mail kevin@frabel.com or visit www.frabel.com. Additional information regarding the Phipps Conservatory is available at www.phipps.conservatory.org.