Ceramic Industry

Frahme Consulting Reaches Milestone (posted 10/16/07)

October 16, 2007

Frahme Consulting Services, Inc. recently announced that it will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. According to Carl Frahme, Ph.D., president, the company has completed a wide variety of projects and assignments in the ceramic and related industries. Recurring themes have been practical problem solving, extensive services for startup companies, assistance in statistical process control, a continuous emphasis on practical ceramic education, and occasional expert witness work.

Some of the projects that stand out are the development of foamed glass products and technology for the production of 100% recycled content tile products.

Frahme expects the company’s services to continue to expand in the next decade. Currently, there is heavy involvement in the educational services offered under the auspices of ASM International. These services have a 35-year heritage, originating with the Ceramic Correspondence Institute (CCI) program. CCI was co-founded by Frahme to offer practical education in ceramic technology to manufacturing personnel. The program now features 11 online courses and four classroom courses.

Additional information is available at www.frahme.com.