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Frankoma Pottery Reaches Milestone, Acquires Tile Business

March 5, 2009

Frankoma Pottery is celebrating its 75th anniversary by expanding into the decorative tile business. According to owner Joe Ragosta, the addition of tile builds on Frankoma’s long-term presence in Oklahoma kitchens.

Frankoma purchased the assets of Paschal Studios (Tulsa, Okla.) to quickly build a tile portfolio. Initially, Frankoma will produce the products designed by Paschal, but it will also add its own products in the coming months, including products designed to more closely match Frankoma dinnerware. Frankoma tile products now appear on the company’s website and in its retail factory store.

Paschal's tile products are distributed by high-end decorators and tile stores. These tiles are handmade in Oklahoma, as are other Frankoma products. Frankoma will offer custom tiles for corporate, non-profit and private customers.

In addition to the tile products, Frankoma has released a number of additional new products in honor of its anniversary. The new products include a series of limited edition anniversary vases, which stand 17 in. tall and were designed by Murv Jacobs, a noted Native American artist. Available in a number of colors, either unsigned or signed by the artist, the vases’ design includes hummingbirds and trumpet flowers on a conical background.

At the same time, Frankoma has announced Traditions, its first new product line in several years. The line is based on a return to Frankoma’s rich heritage of using colors based on local nature and variegated coloring. The new line of dinnerware and accessories is available in Moss Green, Stormy Gray, and Black Cherry and is available immediately.

Finally, Frankoma has also announced a variety of Easter and springtime products, including hearts, Easter bunnies, planters, Easter eggs, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day mugs, and Frankoma’s first Passover Seder plate.

Frankoma continues to offer a wide range of Made in Oklahoma products for shoppers and visitors from throughout the state. Ragosta is enthusiastic about Frankoma’s anniversary and new products. “We’re very proud to be offering a range of new products that will please our loyal friends and new customers alike,” he said. “After a number of years of getting away from our historical appeal, we wanted to return to where we came from.”

John Frank launched Frankoma Pottery in the middle of the Great Depression in 1933, and Frankoma has been an Oklahoma institution ever since. It remains one of the last remaining potteries manufacturing 100% of its products in the U.S., and it mines its clay just a few miles from the Sapulpa factory. Frankoma’s products have been praised by celebrities like Martha Stewart and Paula Deen and are consistently rated as the top in their categories at www.cooking.com.

The recently renovated showroom facilities and Ray and Sherry Stoll Frankoma Museum made their debut as part of Frankoma’s 75th anniversary celebration, and, along with factory tours, have demonstrated their appeal as visitor attractions and established the pottery as one of Oklahoma’s most popular tourist destinations.

Frankoma’s factory store is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and is located at 9549 Frankoma Rd., Sapulpa, OK 74066. Frankoma products are also available from retailers across the nation. Visit www.frankoma.com for more information.