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Fredrick Joins Thermal Technology (posted 10/19/09)

October 19, 2009

Daniela Fredrick, Ph.D., recently joined Thermal Technology as product development manager. In her new role, she will assist customers with their material processes. “I start with a client’s end goal and work from there, facilitating the materials processing to achieve their proof of concept,” she said.

Fredrick has broad experience with assorted materials and varying processes. As a graduate researcher at UC Davis, she earned a fellowship with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory synthesizing amorphous powders using various methods, including sol-gel composed of alumina and rare earth oxides. She utilized spark plasma sintering to consolidate powders to optical transparency; studied the governing parameters; and analyzed the product for structure, crystallization and crystallite size.

As a master researcher at UC Davis, Fredrick redesigned equipment for reduced gravity studies in accordance with NASA’s zero-gravity flight standards, which include structural, mechanical and electrical changes. She designed and machined combustion synthesis chambers and researched the effects of gravity on high-temperature combustion synthesis of silicides and aluminides, analyzing phase transformation, phase presence, structure, interaction of elements, effects of high current densities and energy release during reaction. Fredrick also managed all aspects of the spark plasma sintering processing at UC Davis’ engineering lab.

“Daniela is a valuable addition to our team,” said Matt Mede, president and CEO. “She supplies the material processing know-how for our clients. She is managing toll processing and product development, working with a variety of materials ranging from metals and ceramics to composites.”

For more information, visit www.thermaltechnology.com.