Ceramic Industry

French Scientist Wins Otto Schott Research Award

May 28, 2010

Tanguy Rouxel received the award for his research achievements in mechanical properties of glasses and glassy materials.The 11th Otto Schott Research Award, valued at €25,000 (US$30,600) was presented to the Tanguy Rouxel, director of the Applied Mechanics Laboratory (LARMAUR) at the University of Rennes, France. He received the award for his research achievements in the mechanical properties of glasses and glassy materials. The award was presented in Corning, N.Y., during the 2010 Glass and Optical Materials Division Annual Meeting organized by the American Ceramic Society.

After he initially started working in his original area of engineering expertise , Rouxel decided to focus on the mechanical properties of materials in general, before finally concentrating on specialty glasses later on. Here, he began performing fundamental research on the glassy state of organic polymers and metallic glasses, but also chalcogenides and oxide glasses. His approach to exploring the mechanical properties is based on the structure of glass in the atomic and nano value range.

“The work of Tanguy Rouxel is essential to gaining a better understanding of the elastic properties and deformation of glasses and how to reduce damages,” said Carlo Pantano, a member of the board of trustees. “His ability to apply insights from what appear to be completely different fields to glass science and technology certainly ranks as one of his most remarkable skills.”

The Otto Schott Research Award is presented every other year to recognize outstanding scientific achievements in basic research and technology development in the areas of special materials, components, and systems for optics and electronics, solar power, health, and lifestyle. This year marks the first time that research work in the area of mechanics and mechanical properties has been recognized.

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