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Friday Fun: Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2008
Celebrate the only day of the year when it’s appropriate to beg candy from perfect strangers.

Halloween is one holiday that really lets adults act like kids. Beyond the adorable costumes the kids always wear, some of the parents and grandparents I see escorting their charges while trick-or-treat get really decked out. And we certainly can get involved in elaborate decorations. We tell ourselves it’s for the kids, but let’s get real-it’s just plain fun.

The History Channel (www.history.com) has a great website full of (you guessed it) the history of Halloween. The site also has information about how Halloween is celebrated around the world, various superstitions and pumpkin carving. Check it out with the kids. It’s a great example of how learning can also be fun.

(Incidentally, I saw a house in my neighborhood with their Christmas tree up already. They probably also read the last page of a book first.)