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Fuel Cell Market Entering Micro-Segmentation Period (posted 7/14/09)

July 14, 2009

Fuel cells have long represented an elusive opportunity, with hockey stick growth curves perpetually only a few years away. However, according to a new report from Pike Research, the key to fuel cells’ adoption lies in the tactical alignment of their capabilities with the growing need for reliable, long-lasting, affordable alternatives to conventional batteries and small generators for many different portable device categories.

“There is no one killer app for fuel cells,” said Bill Matvichuk, industry analyst. “Instead, there are dozens of niche applications that have an increasing need for the clean, reliable power that fuel cells can provide. Over the next several years, fuel cell manufacturers must tailor their offerings to serve the specific requirements of a multitude of consumer and industrial products.”

According to Matvichuk, these applications will be determined largely by the power level capabilities of the fuel cells themselves, such as:
  • 1-20 watts: consumer electronics, small appliances, toys, remote sensors
  • 20-100 watts: unattended sensors, video surveillance, medical devices, military electronics
  • 100-500 watts: first-responder battery charging, power tools, unmanned vehicles
  • below 2 kilowatts: replacement for gasoline and diesel generators, watercraft, combat support systems, auxiliary power units
  • 2-7 kilowatts: materials handling such as forklifts, weapon systems, causeway systems
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