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Fuel Cell Seminar Releases Preliminary Schedule

August 15, 2005
More than 2200 participants are expected to attend the 2005 Fuel Cell Seminar in Palm Springs, Calif., November 14-18. With the theme "Progress, Challenges and Markets," the seminar will feature two plenary sessions with invited speakers and experts from the field; three technical session tracks (Low-Temperature Fuel Cells, High-Temperature Fuel Cells, and Applications); and more than 200 posters showcasing research in PEMFCs, DMFCs, SOFCs, MCFCs, PAFCs, alkalines, hybrids, fuels, fuel processing and hydrogen. These sessions will highlight the research and development efforts of those pushing the envelope and removing the last technical and cost barriers to fuel cell technology. Attendees will learn about developers' near-term efforts to demonstrate fuel cells in a variety of energy sectors. Additionally, more than 150 commercial exhibitors are expected to showcase the impact that fuel cell technology will have in meeting global energy and environmental needs.

For additional information or to view the preliminary schedule and exhibitor list, visit http://www.fuelcellseminar.com.