Ceramic Industry

G-P Gypsum: Alpha-Based Plaster

May 4, 2001
Densite HL, an alpha-based plaster produced by Georgia-Pacific Gypsum Corp. (G-P Gypsum), is currently available for manufacturers producing custom domes, column covers, ornate molding and cornices. The product is a high-strength, high-density industrial plaster produced from alpha gypsum. When combined with glass mat fibers by hand lay-up or chopped glass fiber strands in spray applications, Densite HL creates thin, lightweight, high-strength shapes with ultra-smooth surfaces. According to employees of Formglass, Densite HL plaster is perfect for the replication of detailed images and is lightweight enough to be used on ceilings. Other benefits Formglass employees mentioned include ease of installation, superior fire retardant properties, and code compliance for private or public structures.

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