Ceramic Industry

Gasbarre: Die Wall Lubrication System

November 6, 2000
First introduced in 1997, the Gasbarre automatic die wall lubrication system is now being used in a wide variety of applications, the company reports. The main thrust of the development was to reduce or eliminate internal lubrication of iron based materials for higher green densities and to eliminate the problems associated in the removal of these lubricants in the sintering furnace. According to the company, the most common application is for the increase of magnetic properties associated with the reduction of porosity through the reduction of internal lubricant levels of the powder blend. Through the reduction (or elimination) of internal lubricants, higher densities can be achieved, which raises the maximum permeability and lowers the coercive force of these magnetic components. For additional information, call (814) 371-3015, fax (814) 371- 6387 or e-mail press_sales@gasbarre.com.