Ceramic Industry

Gasbarre Products Signs Agreement with Hydropulsor AB

April 23, 2002
Hydropulsor AB of Karlskoga, Sweden, and Gasbarre Products, Inc. of DuBois, Pa., have signed a cooperative agreement to market, sell and service Hydropulsor high-velocity presses in North America. High velocity compaction (HVC) is a method to achieve high-density compacted components in the dry pressing operation. Densification in HVC is achieved by intensive shock waves created by a hydraulically-operated hammer that transfers the energy through the compaction tool to the powder. Although the technology is relatively new to the P/M Industry, the process has been proven in other industries for many years. Gasbarre will market, sell and service Hydropulsor presses in North America.

For more information, call (814) 371-3015 or e-mail press-sales@gasbarre.com.