Ceramic Industry

GBC Materials Expands Operations

December 4, 2000
GBC Materials, a division of Morgan Advanced Ceramics (MAC), has expanded its manufacturing operations in Latrobe, Pa. GBC expanded its pressing department area by 100% to allow for new automated presses and computer equipment used for statistical process control. The pressing department is now humidity and temperature controlled, which will provide year-round pressing consistency, the company reports.

Firing capacity has also been increased with the addition of two new kilns, offering greater flexibility to meet customers’ delivery demands. An additional kiln will be installed in the first quarter of 2001. A video measuring system was also added to increase the company’s ability to accurately measure tooling and parts, as standards become more rigorous throughout the industry.

“This strategic expansion ensures that we will continue to produce high volume, low cost, intricate ceramic and glass components that meet the stringent demands of our customers,” said Sharon Johnson, assistant general manager.