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GE Dedicates Renewable Energy Global Headquarters

February 5, 2010

Signaling its continuing commitment to developing and delivering cleaner, more efficient energy solutions for the world, GE recently officially dedicated a $45 million Renewable Energy Global Headquarters in Schenectady, N.Y. “The dedication of our new, state-of-the-art global headquarters represents our ongoing mission to provide renewable energy solutions that will help meet both the world’s energy and environmental needs,” said Victor Abate, vice president of renewable energy for GE Power & Water. “It also stands as an important symbol of the rapid growth and success of our renewable energy business. When we entered the wind energy industry in 2002, it was a $200 million business for us. Today, it has grown significantly, with revenues topping $6 billion.”

The event also marked the installation of GE’s 13,500th wind turbine globally, further demonstrating the continued growth of GE’s renewable energy business. GE is the largest supplier of wind turbines in North America, and the company’s 1.5-megawatt wind turbine is the most widely used wind turbine in the world. GE’s global installed fleet now generates enough electricity to power nearly 6 million U.S. homes.

The establishment of the Renewable Energy Global Headquarters has spurred the creation of more than 650 new jobs in Schenectady, 150 more than originally anticipated and a year ahead of schedule. Without long-term, supportive policy, however, the continued growth of the U.S. wind industry could be jeopardized, noted Abate. “The establishment of a federal renewable electricity standard (RES) with strong, near-term goals would provide the stability and support needed to encourage investors and drive growth in the U.S. wind industry. This ongoing growth would continue the momentum experienced by the industry over the last several years, creating needed U.S. manufacturing jobs.”

GE’s new Renewable Energy Global Headquarters meets federal Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building standards and will be 20% more energy efficient than required by New York State building standards. Features include low-water faucets and improved insulation; energy-efficient hot water boilers and air conditioning system; energy-efficient, larger windows; and bike racks and preferred parking for hybrid vehicles.

A 48-kilowatt GE solar system installed nearby helps to power the building, and a four-story atrium houses a scale-model wind turbine and interactive displays featuring GE’s renewable energy technologies. A state-of-the-art Remote Operations Center is one of two global facilities that provide continuous monitoring and diagnostic services for GE’s installed base of wind turbines and solar power electronics.

For more information, visit www.ge.com.