Ceramic Industry

GE Quartz: Custom Assemblies

July 25, 2005

To help optimize the performance of heaters and electrostatic chucks in chip-making equipment, GE's Quartz business recently announced an integrated heater assembly platform based at the company's new laboratory in Kobe, Japan. These custom assemblies -- a critical subsystem of semiconductor equipment manufacturers' wafer chambers -- combine customer-specific mechanical, electrical, and thermal engineering with GE's advanced chemical vapor deposited (CVD) ceramic heaters and e-chucks. By considering thermal, plasma, mechanical and electrical boundary conditions of the OEM's chamber, GE's new integrated design process helps optimize the performance of the entire system. The GE technology team at Kobe delivers complete heater assemblies featuring custom heaters, e-chucks and the company's quartz materials.

For more information, visit http://www.geadvancedminerals.com.