Ceramic Industry

GE Superabrasives: New Diamond

October 3, 2001
GE Superabrasives recently introduced MBSTM Si2 diamond for the stone and construction industry. Toolmakers can now gain considerably greater process flexibility by using more iron in their bonding systems. Numerous past attempts to manufacture bonds with high iron content were mostly unsuccessful due to the high chemical reaction rates of diamond with iron in the sintering process. Silicon coated MBS Si2 diamonds make these long awaited technological improvements now possible through a proprietary coating process. Si2 coatings effectively shield the crystals from the destructive chemical reaction between iron and diamond. The second benefit is improved crystal bond retention. Si2 coatings are strong carbide formers, creating powerful adhesion to the diamond surface. By alloying with the high iron content in the matrix, they achieve an unmatched crystal bond retention. As a result, crystal pull-outs from the bond are significantly reduced and every saw diamond can be used to its full working potential.

For more information, e-mail Carmen.Kassing@gep.ge.com.