Ceramic Industry

GE Superabrasives: New Diamond Series

March 27, 2002
GE Superabrasives' new MBP(TM) diamond product line has been developed to meet the industry's growing demand for high performing, continuous quality tools for trimming, roughing, calibrating and polishing stone, ceramic, concrete and terrazzo. The new MBP polishing diamond series consists of three new products. Each of the products has been tailor made for a wide range of materials and applications. From well-defined crystals with maximum impact strength to crystals with high fracture strength to friable, free cutting irregularly shaped diamonds, each product is engineered to achieve optimum performance in its designated application field. The new MBP polishing diamonds have a Ti-based coating that achieves a powerful retention of the diamond crystals by alloying with the bond matrix. The pull out rate is significantly reduced, and the diamond is used to its full cutting potential, prolonging tool life and boosting productivity.

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