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GLASS WORKS: Clear Choice Awards

April 1, 2010

In 2010, the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) celebrates the 21st year of the Clear Choice Awards, which recognizes the contribution that glass packaging makes to the image, marketability, sustainability and success of food, beverage and cosmetic products. The call for 2010 entries opens this month.

2009 Winners

In 2009, 12 consumer product goods companies were recognized for their achievements in expanding the frontiers of glass packaging design. In its own way, each honoree shows how designing and packaging in glass ensures that a product has the competitive edge that only glass provides, especially as more consumers demand pure, endlessly recyclable and premium qualities.

For example, [Down Under] by Crane Lake, manufactured by Bronco Wine Co., shows off how lightweight glass bottles are revolutionizing the wine industry. This 2009 winner in the Alcoholic Beverage category uses Saint-Gobain Containers' new eco-friendly Revolution bottle. At about 10.5 oz, this bottle weighs nearly 50% less than that of most wine bottles in today's market. It also reduces the packaging carbon footprint by 25% and is made with at least 50% recycled glass and a recycled label.

In the Food category, Medela Inc., which manufactures Medela Glass Nursers (glass containers supplied by O-I), has reintroduced glass for baby bottles. Medela offers 4- and 8-oz glass bottles that are ideal for collecting, storing and feeding breast milk. Made from safe and durable glass, the bottles retain the breast milk's beneficial properties while being easy for parents to sterilize and, eventually, recycle.

The 2009 winner in the Conversion Recognition category, which highlights product packaging that has returned to glass, was Traders Point Creamery Fromage Blanc, manufactured by Traders Point Creamery (glass container supplied by Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.). This "conversion" is the start of a glass resurgence in the dairy industry. Originally packaged in plastic cups, Traders Point Creamery returned to glass for its pure, premium and sustainable characteristics. The company's whole milk, chocolate milk and yogurt are also now packaged in glass containers.

Beyond an overall package design winner, categories included alcoholic beverage, non-alcoholic beverage, food and cosmetics. The 2009 winning package designs were displayed at the Worldwide Food Expo and PACK Expo, and were promoted online and in packaging industry trade publications.

Entry Details

The 2010 Clear Choice Awards winners will be announced through a virtual event on GPI's website during the week of September 12, GPI's 2010 Recycle Glass Week. For 2010 entry and event details, to view all the 2009 winners, or to download a Clear Choice Award desktop calendar featuring winning glass packages, visit the GPI website at www.gpi.org.

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